Female Founders Pitch Summit


Dear Partners,

For many years, I have had a vision of changing the state of funding for women who want to succeed but have few opportunities to get financing. I just turned 40 this year and knew it was time to create the Female Founders Pitch Summit. I have pledged at least a quarter of a million dollars of my personal capital to create a new world where women have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and funding for their start-up businesses. 

The sad truth is that 40 percent of women start businesses, but only 2.9 percent are getting venture capital funding. The Female Founders Pitch Summit will change the state of funding globally. It will create a global movement for women. 

Why Am I Hosting This Summit?

  • I believe that when we fund women to succeed in business, they will empower other women for change.
  • To create an impact far greater than this summit.
  • I shared the struggles that female founders experience every day.  

Our company achieved more than $5 million in revenues six years ago and wanted to expand to a national market, but I couldn’t get funding. Even after hiring attorneys who understood the Securities and Exchange Commission, I couldn’t get funding. That’s why I want to change how funding is given. I know the difficult decisions owners make every day because I had to make those tough decisions. I had to choose whether to pay employees or myself. With adequate funding, women business owners don’t have to choose between employees or themselves. 

When I think about the pitch summit and what it will do to change the state of funding for women, I see the women who will make this change happen. I stand with them and for them. Together, we will create a platform for funding, which is currently not available to them. I want you to be a part of this movement and change. I need you to stand for those women who are trailblazing the new look of small business and jobs for Americans. 

Because of my experiences, expertise and partners, I will build a bridge for investors and female founders. This change is so important because women are the future of business, and we will create a new era of funding opportunities.

I want all my partners to share our vision and mission and embrace them. They must be willing to help move women forward and create new opportunities. I  am only looking for those who have integrity and ability to make the change.

This will create a movement that expands beyond the summit. Now is your time to become a partner or founding sponsor to make this change happen. 

Stand for your mothers, wives and daughters. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Rose W. Vitale
Founder of FFPS
“Where Female Founders and Funders Meet”