Female Founders Pitch Summit

Why Sponsor Our Event

We have an extremely limited number of opportunities for sponsors (total of 10 ONLY) who are passionate about supporting Female-led companies.

We design our SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES are not just limited to your experience on-site during our event. FFPS offers its partners many additional perks that enhance your Branding Exposure, Experience and Create lasting relationship with our event.

Your support will make a direct impact on our founders and their communities.

With the funding women receive through our event, female founders will be able to grow their businesses, increase their employee base and help their communities and thrive.

Join The Movement

To change lives and make a powerful impacts for female founders

Give Back

To get the next generation of female lenders by supporting our community


Your brand exposure and Elevate your corporate identity within the community


By being a good corporate citizen to support diversity and inclusion initiatives



Be a part of the movement that exposes your brand in front of CEO’s, C-Level Founders, Investors, Family Offices, VC and Private Equity that will create Social Impact for years to come. As a sponsor, you’ll enjoy unparalleled exposure to 200+ high level executives, including CEO’s and presidents, as well as innovative founders, journalists, and high net worth venture capitalists, private equity investors, and family offices representing hundreds of millions of dollars of available capital to deploy.

⦁ Being a part of the movement
⦁ Job creation
⦁ Giving female founders access to funding
⦁ Creating a positive impact on local communities
⦁ Increase your brand reputation for social impact causes

⦁ General Session
⦁ Welcome Lunch
⦁ Pitch Tank Rooms
⦁ Power Hour – Cocktail & Networking
⦁ Welcome Dinner Party

⦁ Keynote Speaker
⦁ Innovative Technology
⦁ Insider Perspective
⦁ Industry Exclusive Shared Information

⦁ Put your company name and logo in front of key decision makers and gain unrivaled exposure for your brand. Your brand can be seen in various formats including offsite, onsite and the event venues.
⦁ Exclusive Onsite Interview with videotaping that will be published on our website, press release and all social media formats.
⦁ Grant and Scholarship awards.
⦁ Award Ceremony at the Dinner announcing the Capital Deployment from the Investors.
⦁ Interactive prize give-away opportunities.


Get your brand name and logo in front of 250+ influential Founders and Investors at the Female Founders Pitch Summit. We’re looking for sponsors who are passionate about changing the landscape of funding for women business owners. We’re committed to offering our partners valuable and effective custom sponsorship packages, developed to fit your company’s individual needs. We only allow 10 Sponsors to participate in our Event with different level sponsorship.


Only 1 available to get exclusively and custom branding opportunities to enjoy freedom from competitors.


Only 2 available to get the most valuable custom branding oppotunities.


Only 3 available to get high visibility branding exposure.


Only 4 available, to have a shared-experience emphasizing brand awareness.

Become a Female Founders
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