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Four Inspirational
Female-Led Venture Capital Funds

Five inspirational female-led Venture Capital funds

Venture capital has remained largely male-dominated because only 9 percent of Venture Capital investors are women, the majority of whom are working to bring outstanding ideas for female-led startups .

Gender Investment Gap

  1. Recent reports hold that there were 114 percent more female-owned businesses in 2017 than two decades before with the number of black female-led startups doubling between 2016 and 2018.
  2. Research by Axios stated that women account for only 9 percent of investors through U. S.  VC firms. Because female entrepreneurship is progressing at a fast rate, women are still not receiving much venture capital funding.
  3. Female entrepreneurs are still thriving. A study by BCG discovered that while firms endowed by women received only 1/2 the investment, they thus produce double the amount of funds than their male equals.  This is great news for successful female investors.
  • ¬†Jesse Draper, Halogen Ventures

Granting funding, mentor ship and powerful networking. Moreover, Halogen has also funded female’s luxury active wear terminus¬†Carbon38, and¬†Senreve, along with many other unique e-commerce and technology podiums.

  • Kirsten Green; Forerunner Ventures (a firm for women)

Includes men’s health and preventative care startup Hims, sustainable women’s fashion brand Reformation, and the modern travel favorite¬†Away.

Research has shown that female founders achieve greater than their male equals, but traditional Venture Capital does not reveal this fact; Anu Duggal founded Female Founders Funds to disrupt the sequence because the platform funds impact female-led startups.

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