Female Founders Pitch Summit

Accountex Has Joined the Movement for Change

The organizers of the first Female Founders Pitch Summit are proud to announce that Accountex Accounting Services will sponsor the earth-shattering event to take place on May 21, 2021, at the Bayfront Hilton in San Diego.

Participants of the FFPS will be treated to a day jam packed with powerful and life-changing moments and financial incentives. They will meet institutional investors and mentors. They will come away with information to help them in their businesses. However, the daylong event doesn’t end when everyone goes home. The goal and vision of FFPS is to start a movement for change. Sponsor partners, such as Accountex, will be helping to make that change happen over the long term.

“We are excited to have Accountex join us,” said Rose Vitale, founder of FFPS. “They want to help small businesses grow through their services. Their views are in line with our mission and vision.”

Sponsors get many perks when they decide to partner with FFPS. For example, sponsors will get publicity before, during and after the event on many media platforms and free advertising, which could be worth millions in branding opportunities. They also get to be part of the social impacts that will arise from this event. They will be able to promote themselves with items for the swag bags and gifts to the women business owners. They will network alongside the institutional investors and the other partners. It will be a golden opportunity to meet others who could help their industry grow too, Vitale added.

Accountex services go beyond accounting and bookkeeping. The company also offers tax planning, CFO compliance services, assurance and more. Accountex was founded on the principle to help small and mid-size businesses grow. 

“We started our firm with a single principle in mind, to help small and mid size companies to grow. We partner with businesses to improve profitability as well as compliance. As a business partner, we take care of the important and necessary tasks for our clients. As a result, business owners can focus on operations, development and growth,” said Rafi Uddin, the managing partner.

Having Accountex as a sponsor partner will go a long way for women business owners. The financial wisdom representatives from the company can provide will prove valuable to the company. 

“I will do whatever necessary to make this movement happen. Venture capitalists must change how they provide funding. I am glad that Accountex wants to be a part of that movement for change,” Vitale added.

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