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FFPS Organizers to Give Sponsors Multi-Million Dollar Perks

Contact: Louise Harris, PR Director
Female Founders Pitch Summit
213-335-2880, events@femalefounderspitchsummit.com

Oct. 16, 2020

SAN DIEGO — Rose Vitale, founder of the first Female Founders Pitch Summit, is offering valuable benefits to sponsors of the event who join the movement early. The organizers currently seek companies to support the summit, which takes place on May 21, 2021, in San Diego.

The Female Founders Pitch Summit promises to be an earth-shattering event where women business owners will have access to millions in funding for their companies. Vitale is seeking sponsors who are interested in making a difference for women and uplifting female founders by supporting this innovative approach for access to capital. They will have the opportunity to be on the ground-level of the global movement. Vitale has been on a mission to change the state of funding for women and is looking for organizations and individuals who are as inspired as she is to stand with women and be part of the change. 

 “We seek companies who can align with our mission to get more women funded and change the mindset of venture capitalists. We want them to see our vision to help women business owners,” said Vitale. “Sponsors who are selected will be long-term partners with us in this once-in-a-lifetime movement.”

Sponsors of the First Female Pitch Summit are provided the following:

  1. Branding — Company names, logos and support will be seen on materials during the event at several locations and times. Before and after the event, the organizers will promote sponsors on various media. They will be labeled as a “Founding Member Sponsor” on all FFPS materials, media kits, advertising, digital platforms and radio.
  2. Networking Opportunities — Sponsors will meet women business owners, investors of high net worth and other sponsors during the welcome dinner party, lunch and the cocktail hour.
  3. Knowledge — Sponsors will be able to impart their knowledge as speakers during the lunch, general sessions and dinner. They can share insider perspectives and hear others give their opinions. 
  4. Social Impact — They will become part of a movement for change. They will create jobs when women receive the life-changing funding to help their businesses. They will be giving access to life-changing funding to women and have an improved reputation.

To get more information on sponsorship, visit https://femalefounderspitchsummit.com/sponsorship-opportunity

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