Female Founders Pitch Summit

Entrepreneur, Investor Postpones Female Founders Pitch Summit

SAN DIEGO — The First Annual Female Founders Pitch Summit (FFPS), created by entrepreneur and angel investor Rose Vitale and originally scheduled for May 21, 2021, in San Diego, is being postponed.

“With the current COVID-19 restrictions in California and the uncertainty of when it will be safe to hold a live event, my team and I decided we had to call off the event for now and look at dates later in 2021 or possibly 2022,” Vitale said.

“We believe this event must be done in person, not virtually. We envision this event as the start of a major shift in how female-founded companies are funded and that requires building relationships face to face.”

FFPS will bring 50+ investors and 100 female company founders together with the aim of awarding $5 million + in funding on that day. Statistically, around 40% of American businesses are started by women but only 2.9% of those get funding.

“This event is radically different from other events due to the amount of money on the table and the vision for the summit, which is to get significant amounts of money in the hands of the female founders – we want to visibly move the needle on the ridiculously low share of the venture capital pie that women-owned companies receive,” said Vitale.

Participation in FFPS is by invitation only. If you are an investor or female founder, please watch the promotional video

and contact us at femalefounderspitchsummit.com to receive the application and schedule an interview.

FFPS is also working with a select group of sponsors who are committed to empowering female founders. If your company would like to get involved please visit our website for more information at www.femalefounderspitchsummit.com

or email us at events@femalefounderspitchsummitt.com.

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