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Investing in Women: Fresh Evidence for Marketing

Recent stats have shown how companies can profit from investing in women as entrepreneurs, customers, employees and/or community partners because investing in women companies can exceed the opportunities for growth and higher profit by formalizing gender equality as a business quality.

 … Innovation does not occur in closed-door ” —Alec Ross author of Industries of the Future.

  • Women’s workforce interaction and leadership on a supply chain can profit companies.
  • Women appear to be the chief decision-makers on customer expenditures because globally, their precise demands often go unmet and gender usually unveils variations in products.
  • Women empowerment is key to gain good profit because investing in women helps in gaining stability because of their professional input.
  • The role of women has undergone a sea change compared to yesteryear’s and is making greatest impact in society.
  • Women are great leaders and investors — their approach is extremely captivating and logical.
  • They are standing tall and playing a major role in politics, defense, sports, I.T., finance, business and law.
  • Usually they are more risk-conscious and willing to acknowledge and research
  • Gender complications begin outside the workplace. These involve women’s access to training and healthcare, use of finance and technology that limit women’s financial participation.
  • Women are not afraid to be vocal about ideas and thoughts when it comes to her own business. Women don’t want to be held back by her lack of personal skills. She also felt that she needed to be the one to do most marketing and selling.

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